RiskInnov ltd. Is an applied research company incorporated in England and Wales and operating in the UK as well as in the EU. The company provides assessments, evaluations and advice in risk-management and decision-aid under risk.

Founded and headed by Pr. Bertrand R. Munier in 2015, RiskInnov Ltd. deals with two management areas, which open on and crucially condition improving your economic and financial performances:

1. Risk Forecasting and assessment

We help identifying the risks incurred and suggest relevant tools and steps to manage these risks, using as much as possible a bespoke quantitative approach. Riskinnov Ltd. knows how and when to use up to date analytical techniques, both statistical and behavioral, to evaluate and possibly forecast the range of risks to be incurred. We also provide recommendations as to how to improve your performance by building innovative tools encapsulating your own personal experience and a consistent decision-making process under risk.

2. Decision-aid on risky projects

We help building market indicators which are of significance to your activity, forecasting models when they are appropriate (we have produced innovative models in this respect), but we also provide bespoke evaluations reflecting your own goals, and preferences in your organization, using the best possible tools derived from top academic research. We have a substantial experience in multi-criteria decision-aid under risk as well as in risk-profiling. We deliberately choose a « boutique » approach in order to maintain a close interaction with our customers and their teams, adapting to every specific organization, environment, goals and unique experience.