Decision-aid and project management under risk

RiskInnov. Ltd helps you through the respective phases of evaluation and implementation of your projects under risk and will suggest tools adapted to your needs, sometimes specifically developed internally as well, to improve your decision processes and your economic performances.

Communication and training

  • Presentation of scientific decision-aid tools.
  • Professional training in using available and Riskinnov’s specific tools.
  • Communication regarding the scientific background of your firm to help develop your image.

Riskinnov’s specific tools

  • Volpredict : A star-product in forecasting the risks from market volatility.
  • NewEra Riskprofiler7.1 : The truly innovating tool to assess attitude toward risk.
  • Ermo : A multi-criteria decision-aid tool under risk which embodies your experience toward risk.

Decision-aid and management of risky projects

  • A sophisticated version of Ermo to deal with project management under risk, taking into account profitability, time adjustment and quality.
  • Recommendation of a precise marketing-mix between quality risks and pricing of the project.