Risk analysis, assessment and forecasting

RiskInnov. Ltd helps you assessing the risks you are and/or will be facing. Many existing tools can be made available to you. And some of the best performing ones in risk management and risk forecasting – a most coveted but most difficult area – have been designed and developed internally by Riskinnov Ltd.

Risk assessment

  • Risk intelligence in your sector and identification of the risks you are bearing.
  • Assessment of the various scenarios and their respective likelihoods.
  • Quantitative bespoke evaluation of the risks in your company, with help of NERP©7.1, a specific tool of Riskinnov Ltd.

Risk forecasting

  • Identification of key-variables and specification of a forecasting tool.
  • Our own tool, Volpredict is remarkably performing to forecast next month’s volatility on financial as well as commodities markets.
  • Probability elicitation from experts when data are missing.

Global risk management

  • Integration of risk into your decision making process , using goals and attitude toward risk of your organization, abiding by ISO 31000 and 31010 norms.
  • Implementation of the tools consequently selected.
  • Recommendations of the most appropriate steps of risk management.